"Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up"

- Joseph Barth


We have been hearing since ages that marriages are made in heaven! Have we ever thought that a successful, happy and blissful marital life creates heaven on earth? It provides the raw material for basic fabric of our social system, allows us to nurture future generations, and provides emotional stability while satisfyling the physical needs of an individual. Now, if marriage is such a serious business, why are we not taking it seriously? Why are we allowing social pollutants to seep into our marital relationship and destroy this all important fabirc? LET US CELEBRATE THE EVENT OF MARRIAGE. We can use the modern tools of information to train ourselves to have a hugely satisfying married life an din turn a fulfilling life.

Recommended Subjects for Study:

History of Marriage
Male and Female mind-body systems
Sex Education
Nutrition & Fitness. Preventive healthcare of the family
Event management (especially for parents)
Communication skills
Relationship Management
Adversity Management

Let us put in some effort to know ourselves psychologically , emotionally, and physically. We all want a happy married life and we CAN HAVE IT.

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