"Bent, the education gives, will decide, all the rest that follows" - Socrates


Ford, Honda, Gates, Spielberg.............the list is endless. They were not exactly the star students in their school or college (if they ever went to one) but they all realized almost while still in their diapers what their tru calling was. They were all smart to know what excited them in terms of choosing a profession. Once choice of profession was clear, they went to accumulate relevent expertise to do it. Education is a tool that allows usto choose the profession we want to get into. ROTE LEARNING is not something that comes to us naturally. Through acquiring learning skills we can go on to scale the academic heights that we dream of. Going by the fact that there is always room for improvement, we can safely believe that there is room for creativity. Be smart to have realistic goals and not get bogged down by peer pr parental pressure. PEOPLE EXPECT YOU TO DO WELL ONLY BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Proposed Topics:

Selection of Profession
Career Counselling
Preventive Health care
Stress Management
Time Management
Communication Skills
Preparing for an Exam
Experiential Learning
Memory Management
Enhancing assimilation
Golf & Adventure
GD & Interview
Social Skills
Many more.....

Faujees (Run by Veterans)

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